Welcome back to Black in Britain

A lot has happened in our United Kingdom while this online magazine has been out of commission. There's been three changes of government, an influx of new immigrants, and a host of new faces on the political scene, in the worlds of sports, arts and entertainment... the kind of stuff that will fill the pages of this publication together with news, debate and informed comment. BlackInBritain will continue to be a celebration of the contribution that people of colour make to the fabric of British society. That said, we expect you to expect us to add balance and say when things go wrong.

Part and parcel of rebuilding this platform will be re-establishing the who's who in the UK BME population, showcasing, reviewing and reporting on events and happenings around the country is part and parcel of the mammoth task of rebuilding this platform, and making room for your contribution too! So, add your input, articles, suggestions and comments. Find us on Facebook and Twitter and be sure to interact.

Let's get started One